2017 Poster Winner



Art has no boundaries. Art comes in all shapes, forms and colors. Art represents the most powerful & pure dreams.

Native of Brazil with dual citizenship, Roberta Pardo has lived in Maryland for the last 13 years, She spent most of her youth traveling the world and can speak 6 languages. Prior to focusing on art, Roberta was an international horse rider and trainer, competing for her native country and in numerous international competitions. Roberta’s background is in Industrial Design and Fine Arts. Her education includes FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvez Penteado) in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Her great passion is Street Art for its connection between art and environment, which lead her to developing Urban Walls Brazil.

Through murals and workshops, Urban Walls Brazil creates an exchange between cultures and opens the market between the United States and Brazil. Roberta houses the Brazilan artists through her residency program, where they are able to interact with local artists and work on community art projects.


Art Battle // Live on Stage

Roberta will join the Arts & Wine Festival as she hosts the first “Art Battle” at the festival. Urban Walls Brazil is inviting 4 artist to join us on stage at 4:30pm on Saturday. Each artist will have 25mins to create their submission. Each piece will be placed in an auction with all proceeds going to select charities.