Celebrating the Arts


The goal is to showcase the depth of our arts community. We are lucky to live in an area that is home to fine artists, muralist, performers, and musicians. Aside from our arts market, we’ll be bringing in some of the area’s top local artists to display their talents with live demonstrations.

Live Painting

This year, with the help of local artist Jimi Haha of FINART, we’ve set up an interactive mural to allow festival attendees to create a large, “paint-by-number”-style mural throughout the two-day festival.  We will also be featuring a live mural creation by Future History Now and Jovenés Artistas.

Artists Pavilion

Welcome to the newly added Artist Pavilion! Over the weekend, some of the area’s best artist will be displaying their talents live at the Annapolis Arts & Wine Festival across a number of different disciplines to illustrate the immense talent and creativity Annapolis’ arts community has to offer. Each artist was selected through a juried process managed by Maryland Federation of Art. Come join us and check out these extremely talented people, see the full list of artists here. 

  • Allen W Alexopulos
  • Anthony Lavorgna jr
  • Brett Hay
  • Crystal Moll
  • Laura Laird
  • Lindsay Bolin Lowery
  • Martin W Flynn III
  • Patrice Drago
  • Sandy Cohen
  • Susan Callahan

Thank You to Our Arts Partners